100% wool sweaters
Sweaters in 100% wool from the Norwegian "Spæl" sheep.
CD - Najaden

The sinking of the Danish-Norwegian frigate Najaden by the English at the battle of Lyngør, south of Norway, 6th June 1812 never ceases to interest and fascinate. Now Knut Bjørnsen has recorded the dramatic story on CD. The shanty choir “Gallionsfigurene” from Risør, Norway have also contributed.

The dramatic battle of Lyngør is captured on CD for the price of 160 NOK (incl vat).

Øyvind J. Gunvaldsen of Lyngør Trikotage AS is the man behind the release of the CD. The idea came to him while working on a completely new maritime sweater collection.

The CD accompanies Lyngør Trikotage sweaters, which are mostly sold to businesses. Several large companies with a maritime image have ordered the Najaden sweaters.

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