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Najaden sweaters
The Najaden sweaters: 100% “Spæl” wool!

The “spæl” is our original breed of sheep, which the Vikings took with them to Iceland, the Faeroe Islands and Greenland. The “spæl” thrives in our climate, the long smooth wool on the top of the coat drains away water and snow while the wool closest to the skin keeps it warm.

The “spæl” is part of our heritage from a time when quality was demanded and depended upon and when small details counted. The wool of the “spæl” is supple and the smooth woollen fibres trap a lot of air, so if you should get wet the water runs off and you dry out and warm up quickly.

knitted sweaters The “spæl” sheep thrive in our climate, and like them we too need wool to clothe us both summer and winter.

The wool is delivered by Norsk Kunstvevgarn AS, spinning mill for Norwegian “Spæl” sheep wool; Helfeldt Lund, 4887 Grimstad, Norway. Phone +47 37 04 62 87.
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